Links to my stuff that I want to showcase:

Basic maze game for my 404 page.

Links from around the internet that I have found useful or otherwise worthy of showing off here:

This list in CSV form here.

Did you know a domain name can just be a TLD? Now you do.
Very useful digital archive of various computing and related documents.
Archive of Chuck Moore's site.
List of various interrupts used on the IBM PC.
Very useful reference for Web technology.
Neat systems programming language, a better C of sorts.
Blog by musl dev about how fucked up Linux is.
Interactive electronic circuit simulator.
Quick reference for x86 instructions.
The flat assembler, including flat assembler g which is my favorite assembler.
The best programming language.
Hardware description language in Python with easy metaprogramming.
List of instances for Nitter, an alternative JS-less frontend for Twitter.
Massively parallel FORTH chips.
Very useful information on ternary logic and such.
Vector font versions of old-school PC fonts.
Language compiling to JavaScript, ES6 support is lacking though.
Resource on the Apple ][ and 6502 in general.
Tutorials on computer graphics, especially old techniques.
Mill architecture, neat VLIW architecture. Fairly vaporware though.
Reverse-engineering info for old chips.
Useful resource on gamedev techniques.
Useful and interesting blog about old computers.
Description of x86 data structures and opcode encoding.
Any paper is open access if you try hard enough.
Info on CP/M and other old things.
Very cool microkernel.
Etymological resource on Sino-Tibetan languages.
Nice resource to get old games.
Transistor-level simulation and information for the 6502 & other chips.
Objectively best software license.